Full Legs             $74

Half Legs            $46
Full Arms            

Half Arms           $35 

Stomach Strip    $11
Full Stomach      

Half Stomach     $22
Full Back               

Upper Back         $30

Lower Back         $25

Shoulders             $25

Hands                    $16


Full Face                        $52

Hairline (forehead)   $13
Upper Lip                      

Upper & Lower Lip     $18

Brow                                 $25

Neck                                  $16

Cheek                              $15

Nose                                 $15

Sideburns                      $15


Brazilian Wax  $60  ($45for New Customers)

This wax is the most thorough of bikini waxes.  It removes the hair from the front all the way to the back and includes the butt strip. You can customize the front with a strip or triangle.  Just let your technician know your preference. 

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Vagacial  $40

A "facial" for the bikini area.  It is a specialized skin treatment that helps to exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs following a bikini wax.

Post Wax Hydrojelly Mask  $40

These hydrojelly masks have incredible soothing and calming effects – the perfect way to put the finishing touch on a waxing treatment.  Each mask is infused with electrolytes derived from algae that benefit your skin by helping achieve a natural moisture balance, resulting in healthy, hydrated, and supple looking skin. 

Best Wax Hair Removal Experience in New Braunfels

Maintenance Brazilian  $45

Must be booked within 5 weeks of your previous Brazilian wax with us. 

Manzilian      $80

Bikini Full       $54 

Bikini Line      $35

Butt Full​           $26 

Butt Strip        $18

Add on Numbing Spray     $10