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New Braunfels Lash Extensions 

Life is short, why
should my lashes be?

About Our Lash Services

Putting on makeup every morning takes enough time as it is! Eyelash extensions give you the opportunity to simplify your routine, get some time back for yourself, and get going on whatever the day holds for you.

Our styles range from Classic, beautiful and natural-looking eyelash extensions to our Mega Volume set.

For those unfamiliar with eyelash extensions, regular lash extension maintenance is crucial to keeping them healthy and for those committed to keeping a fresh look, be prepared for getting them serviced regularly.


To help with this, we offer a monthly membership program that allows you to keep your lashes fresh. Coming in for a consultation beforehand will help you determine what's best for your lashes. 

Our Lash Services



Classic lashes are applied on a 1:1 ratio with your natural lash 



Lifted, extended lashes with

a touch of extra volume



Go beyond the natural look to add thickness and length.



Get the dramatic and voluminous look that pops


"I came in to get my lashes done and let me tell you, they are incredible! They are so professional and precise with their work I will not be looking for someone else to go to. EK go-to from here on out. I love the way they took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted and fulfilled my vision with my lashes."

Emma Google Reviews

How It Works


15 mins

Your artist will review the health of your natural lashes, your desired look, and analyze whether that look is achievable given your natural lashes. Our number one priority it to maintain your natural lash health while providing you with desired extensions. 

1st Full Set

1.5–2 hrs

Come with makeup-free and product-free eyes! Your artist will clean your lashes and place undereye gel pads to hold down your lower lashes. These gel pads also help with wrinkles and puffiness. Feel free to sleep throughout the service and let your artist work their magic. There should be no pain or irritation. If any irritation arises, please let your artist know.


30–50 min

Re-lashes are typically done anywhere from 2-4 weeks after your initial appointment. Re-lashes are necessary to maintain the overall, consistent, perfect look of extensions. As time goes by extensions either fall out on their own or grow out with your natural lashes. During a re-lash, your artist will refill every healthy natural lash with an extension. The time required for a re-lash is dependent on the number of viable extensions you still have on.

Still have questions?

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